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Turkish Onyx

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Onyx is an agate stone with a round layer consisting of silicon minarets, the inner structure of which is fibrous and moire. Onyx stone, which is considered a semi-precious stone in the stone sector, is a stone of the type of Chalcedony and included in the Quartz group, which has many layers of different colors. Onyx, also known as Onyx, Parting Stone and Luck Stone in the market, is mainly used in jewelry, accessories and ornaments because it is as bright as glass and looks like sardonyx and marble. It is highly preferred in different designs and projects because these stones on a dark background give more light and this contrast makes the stones look larger.

Onyx, which was also a popular stone in ancient Greece and Rome in ancient times, is a stone with a hardness equivalent to 7.0 on the Mohs scale. English Greek means "ring, round", while the root of the word written as "Onyx" is used in the Assyrian language, it is also known that there are rumors that it is derived from the Greek meaning of "nail".

What is Onyx ?

Onyx stone, hot and cold water areas, deposits of calcite in water that carries with the effect of water pressure, consisting of the salt mine is located and precipitation experienced as a result of contact with more resources and more transparent light transmittance (translucent) featuring semi-precious stone with marble from the group type. It is named after its distant relative, the Onyx Stone, which has similarities in appearance and light transmittance. However, in the sector, Onyx Marble is also known as Glass Stone and Illuminated Stone among the public Dec.

The formation of Onyx extracted from marble quarry of many different colors and shades proceed more slowly than other types of marble, as well as the processing and application methods, are somewhat more difficult than other types of marble. In this regard, it is considered more valuable than other types of marble, and its prices are also more expensive than others at this rate. Enacted in many countries, including Pakistan and Iran in the world Onyx , our country (Turkey) in Bilecik, Turkey, Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Turkey, Sivas, Tokat, Bolu, Ankara and Adiyaman, Manisa, Denizli and Erzurum provinces is extracted from mines.

Characteristics of Onyx :

Onyx is one of the rare types of stones in the world that transmits light, changes color according to the color of the light and has a reserve. Onyx is very expensive compared to other marbles. This natural stone, which, like its other relatives, has a vascular structure, uniformity and antibacterial properties, is often preferred, especially in living quarters. It can usually be found in white, green, yellow, red and motley colors, as well as rarely being available in different shades and colors, it stands out one step from its competitors with its exceptional color distribution.

Onyx Usage Areas

In the past, many examples of Onyx have been used in temples, palaces, royal thrones and showy areas and places in the past periods have survived to the present day. Onyx is also found in mosques in many Islamic countries, especially in the Ottoman Empire. Currently, Onyx , which is very convenient to use for decoration and architectural purposes, is usually used in interior design applications.

Public use areas in the foyer lobby and give the visual richness when it is used to lock the trims in the hotel at the reception desks, door handles and in the interior of luxury vehicles, jewelry, table, coffee table, construction, vases and figurines, hand-carved objects, the edge of the desk, covering the product in stores luxury stands, lampshades, candle holders, such as lighting instruments are used. It is also widely used in decorative items such as column coverings, sinks, dashboards, fireplace, candlestick, pen holder & nameplate and keychain.


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