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We can say that in terms of the natural stone reserve, Turkey is a leading country in the world with its rich sources. Due to its geographical location, Turkey is one of the most important areas for marble, travertine, onyx, basalt, and limestone mining. When granite reserves are subject, we can say that Turkey has also considerable types of granites that are well-known worldwide anymore, with the help of new investment and new technology uses in the natural stone field. 

At W MARBLE we are supplying 3 types of Turkish granites for your projects. Please contact us now for the best prices and terms.

aksaray yaylak granite
Aksaray Yaylak Granite
bergama grey granite - bergama granite.j
Bergama Grey Granite
giresun vizon granite
Giresun Vizon Granite


​As W MARBLE, we can supply not only Turkish granites but also other well-known granites on the international market. If you are located in Istanbul and planning to buy granite to use as a countertop, vanity top, or for a building project you can visit our factory or warehouse to our product ranges. If you find us from another country, please note that we are an export-oriented company. We are ready to give you the best price and transportation service until your house or project site, even if you need only one countertop or 1 box of granite tile.

rosa beta granite
Rosa Beta Granite
rosa minho granite
Rosa Minho Granite
rosa porino granite
Rosa Porino Granite


Rosa Beta Granite: It is a kind of multi-color material consisting of white, black, cream, pink, and grey colors. Because of this reason, it matches with your home decoration when you use it as a countertop or bathroom top.

Rosa Minho Granite: It is similar to Rosa Beta in terms of color texture. We can say that the spots of Rosa Minho are a little larger. It is a really popular product in multi-story building projects due to it is uniform, strong, and cheap material. 

Rosa Porino Granite: It is a kind of multi-color product but pink is dominated color.

black pearl granite
Black Pearl Granite
black forest granite
Black Forest Granite
star galaxy granite
Star Galaxy Granite


Black Pearl Granite: It is a black color granite with white and yellowish grains on its' surface. It is an Indian Granite. It is good for the kitchen countertop.

Black Forest Granite: It is black granite with white and greyish lines on its' surface. It can be preferred for both counters and also for flooring or wall claddings. 

Star Galaxy Granite: It is black granite with white shining grains on its' surface. It is one of the most popular granite for countertops, restaurant tables, dining, or coffee tables. Even you can use Star Galaxy as a tile on the floor or on the walls. Please note that we always keep Star Galaxy granite in our stocks as slabs. 

Emerald Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite
blue pearl granite
Blue Pearl Granite
tan brown granite
Tan Brown Granite


Emerald Pearl Granite: It is a kind of very dark grey product with thin yellow lines on its surface. It is a very popular material for countertops. Its' color matches with new generation kitchen designs. 

Blue Pearl Granite: We can say for Blue Pearl that it is one of the most famous granites worldwide. It is not a cheap product. It brings a luxurious and elegant view of the living area that it is applied. When you use it as a counter in a kitchen with white furniture, the result will be so fancy!

Tan Brown Granite: It is one of the rare granite in the world with black and red color. You can use Tan Brown for counters, elevator claddings, wall claddings, vanity tops. 

new imperial red granite
New Imperial Red Granite
verde guatemala granite
Verde Guatemala Granite
G-664 granite
G-664 Granite


New Imperial Red Granite: It is one of the rare granite in the world with black and red color. It is redder than Tan Brown. It is the correct granite for those who like red color while designing a home.

Verde Guatemala Granite: It is one of the rare granite in green color with thin black veins. It is for luxury homes, palaces, shortly for luxury projects!

G-664: It is a Chinese granite. It is a cheap and uniform colored product. It is generally used for flooring or wall cladding of public areas. G-664 is for huge quantity requiring projects.

crema perla granite
Crema Perla Granite
bianco sardo granite
Bianco Sardo Granite
white pearl granite
White Pearl Granite


Crema Perla Granite: We can say for Crema Perla that it is the most preferred granite model for countertop requirements of buildings complexes. It is cheap and match-able with many different color furniture. For this reason, many contractors prefer it for their multi-flat buildings.

Bianco Sardo Granite: It is a Saudi Arabian granite. It is a cheap and uniform product. 

White Pearl Granite: We can say for White Pearl Granite that it is the most preferred granite model for countertop requirements of buildings complexes. You can also use it on the floor or wall.


You should follow the below points when you are cleaning your granite surface:

  1. Use a damp cloth with circular motions.

  2. It is better to wipe the surface with a dry cloth at the final stage. 

  3. While you are cleaning your granite surface you can use some dish soap.

  4. If you clean it with a dish soaped cloth, rinse the surface with a damp cloth.

  5. Do not use chemical and acidic cleaners.

  6. For example: To able to clean a stain, do not use a wire sponge.

  7. Do not forget acidic foods like lemon on a granite surface for very long hours.


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