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Turkish Limra Limestone

What is a Limestone? Where Is It Used?

Limra Stone, the use of which is carried out for interior and exterior cladding, steps, windowsills, floor covering and decorative decoration, offers a different look in a visual sense. Nowadays, when elegance and elegance attract attention in every sense, you can't even imagine how sensitive people have become about it. As a result, the families who make arrangements and decorative operations using these and similar materials in their living spaces can also have really nice levels because the materials used are very stylish in themselves. Individuals who care about elegance and want to experience it at any time in their living spaces prefer such materials. The fact that it is one of the products with a fairly frequent consumption rate has made it possible to find it everywhere in the world. We can say that it is one of the products that can be made even more useful visually and functionally with special techniques.

Limra Stone, which is called Limestone abroad, has a cream-colored appearance. As of the image, it has a structure that opens up and refreshes the human being. There are various types of colors such as Demre white, Antalya white, limestone, Classic cream. At the point of color selection, you should also take into account the colors prevailing in your living spaces. For example, if there are contrasting colors in the design of a bathroom, visual harmony may not be fully achieved, but if the color of your sink is the same, you will get a tremendous image. From the example we have given, we think that you understand the situation. It is noteworthy that in our modern world special applications are made from each other that are remarkable and continue to be made. We can say that people enrich their living space by acting with products of different properties.

The fact that it is a type of product that has a lot of uses has attracted people's attention over time, and accordingly, it has often been preferred. It is possible to say that the products that managed to make us happy in a short time with their decorative effects have become special for everyone. We are witnessing that the developments in the field of decoration have started to make people from all walks of life happy from seven to seventy. We are going through completely different periods in a decorative and visual sense. It is also worth noting that many facilities that were not available before are now easily available. As it is, people are really happy with what they have achieved. The comfort that living with his family in visually rich functional houses will bring is not found anywhere else.


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