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It is a kind of black marble with white and yellow veins quarried in Turkey.

Nero Picasso is the most correct example of the artistic form of natural stones. It is like a timeless design object. It is a unique beauty inciting merely the creativity. Each part of it is one, unique and unrepeatable!

It is good for interior floorings, countertops, dining tables, wall claddings applications, and many other designs. It is a kind of new product in the stone business in the world and becoming more and more popular.

All Common Names of This Product: Nero Picasso, Nero Picasso Marble, Picasso Gold Marble, Picasso Black, Black Picasso Marble, Kirsehir Nero Picasso.

nero picasso marble

Nero Picasso Photo Gallery

About Nero Picasso Marble

Nero Picasso Marble comes to you from Turkey, from the mountains of the city named KIRSEHIR. It is one of the unique stone in stone business in the world. Due to each slab are different from the other, people liken it to Picasso paintings.  It has an amazing and peerless black background with white and yellow movements on the surface. Sometimes, people use it as a painting on the wall in their projects. 

Nero Picasso is able to be used both on the floor and the wall. Thickness can be 20mm and 30mm. What is more, according to special projects, as W MARBLE, we can make the production for bigger thickness. Standard sizes are 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 400x800mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 2cm slabs, 3cm Slabs, 3cm treads and 2cm riser. However, if your project needs special sizes, we can easily do it for you. Please note that Nero Picasso looks amazing when it is applied as a book-match on the wall or floor. Recently, It is quite preferred marble worldwide in home decoration such as dining or coffee tables, wall cladding in welcoming areas, on the floor as book-match, fireplace claddings, and with many other decorative ideas.

We would like to also say you that you can prefer Nero Picasso Marble for kitchen or vanity tops or steps and risers. It looks super luxurious and fancy.

nero picasso marble table
nero picasso tile marble

Nero Picasso is one of the well-known Turkish Marble in the stone business anymore. From private villa projects to big hotel or mall projects, It is one of the most preferred materials. We highly suggest you to use it in your projects together with cream color marbles such as Burdur Beige, Ottoman Beige, Turkish Crema Nuova for which you may also get a quotation from us. 


As W MARBLE, we are supplying Nero Picasso as "raw block", "slab", "tile" and "cut to size" according to your requirements. Please feel free contact to us for more information.


As W Marble, we know that your time is very important for you. And without a doubt, to find the best Nero Picasso with the best price is the main subject in your project budget. On the other hand, to select the best block according to your requirement is rather important. Another important subject is to process raw block in high quality.

As W MARBLE, as your stone solution partner, we are here! Because our study starts from blocks before production. We select the most feasible Nero Picasso block firstly according to your requirement. Then we take it to our partner factory where high production technology is used. We follow the production from the beginning to the end. We do the best packaging and get ready for the loading. During all these transactions, we give you reports. In these ways, you always know what is going on with your order. As a final step, we are handling export documentation processes in a highly professional manner.

We would like to inform you that Nero Picasso is one of the products that we have enough experience of supply to many countries. We have considerable done projects and regular clients. Please contact us to get more information.

nero picasso block
nero picasso tiles on flooring

Nero Picasso


  • Water Absorption under atmospheric pressure,%0,25

  • Density2710 Kg/m3

  • Hardness (by MOHS): 3.7 - 4.00

Nero Picasso


  • Polished

  • Honed

  • Brushed

  • Raw Block

  • Slab

  • Tile

  • Raw Slab

  • Cut to sizes

  • Unpolished


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