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" Remove or minimize the risk of faulty materials entering the supply chain... This is our job! "

W Marble inspections are surveillance activities carried out at the supplier's premises. This service is particularly relevant in the quarries, factories, production, and logistics industries where clients' procurement departments may procure a considerable amount of natural stones, with many different manufacturers around Turkey.


Main benefits: 


Assure the development and continued operation of the supply chain, which depends on the right quality of stone and marble delivered by vendors.

  • Verify the conformity with the requirements of applicable international or national codes, standards, and technical specifications stated in the contract between client and manufacturer, before the products are dispatched.

  • Detect eventual defects in the product.

  • Determinate in advance the compliance with client expectations, to minimize or avoid stone quality issues and the risk of extra costs, due to subsequent failures in the production or the supply chain.



Our highly experienced inspectors control the hully process of the production and supply chain, according to the client's detailed assignment and applying contractual specifications, codes, and international standards. 


We apply a rigorous vetting process of candidate qualification, selection, and monitoring to ensure only the most competent and experienced Inspector suited to the job is selected appointed for the job.


Reports are issued in line with clients requirements following the implementation of some or all of the following phases:

  • Pre-Inspection Meeting

  • Interim/Progressive Inspections – witness/monitor/hold/review points during manufacturing and testing

  • Final inspection and acceptance (FAT)

  • Export documentation reviews

  • Pre-Shipment inspection before load out


As an additional value, our specialists have the necessary expertise and skills to:

  • Review and control the export documentation

  • Review and ensure the payment process

  • Review the quality of the production process of the supplier



A global company with a wide International footprint ( with 15 international qualified inspectors)

  • Experienced and reliable

  • We offer a full range of bundled multi-disciplinary services.

  • Competent, highly skilled workforce

  • Reputation and track record

  • Flexibility, reaction time, customer care

  • We have dedicated tools to manage inspections worldwide

  • Every client is a partner.


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