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It is a kind of dark brown marble with white spider veins, quarried in Turkey.

The brown and yellowish veins on the surface make an elegant sense. Adiyaman Dark Emperador, which attracts great attention all over the world, is an indispensable choice for people who want a luxury and simple design.

It is rather good for both interior and exterior applies; flooring, wall cladding, countertop, mosaic, fountain,  pool coping or pool flooring, stairs, and many other designs. It is a rather well-known marble in the stone business.

All Common Names of This Product: Dark Emperador, Turkish Dark Emperador, Adiyaman Emperador, Caffe Maroon Marble, Golden Brown Marble, Meya Emperador Marble, Dark Turkish Emperador.

adiyaman dark emperador

Adiyaman Dark Emperador Photo Gallery

About Adiyaman Dark Emperador

Adiyaman Dark Emperador comes to you from Turkey, from the mountains of the city named Adiyaman. That's why it is called "Adiyaman Emperador". It looks like a Spanish Dark Emperador; dark brown color with white spider veins or circle spots.

Adiyaman Dark Emperador is able to be used both on the floor and wall. Thickness can be 20mm and 30mm. What is more, according to special projects, as W MARBLE, we can make production for bigger thickness. Standard sizes are 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 400x800mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 2cm slabs, 3cm Slabs, 3cm treads and 2cm riser. However, if your project needs special sizes, we can easily do it for you. Please note that it looks amazing on the floor in big sizes like 600x600mm or 800x800mm. You can go for this product on the floor or wall installation without any hesitation. 

We would like to also say you that you can prefer Adiyaman Dark Emperador for kitchen or vanity tops. It looks super luxurious and fancy.

adiyaman dark emperador slab
adiyaman dark emperador slab

Adiyaman Dark Emperador is one of the well-known Turkish Marble in the stone business. From private villa projects to big hotel or mall projects, It is one of the most preferred materials. We highly suggest you to use it in your projects together with cream color marbles such as Burdur Beige, Ottoman Beige, Turkish Crema Nuova for which you may also get a quotation from us. 


As W MARBLE, we are supplying Adiyaman Dark Emperador as "raw block", "slab", "tile" and "cut to size" according to your requirements. Please feel free contact to us for more information.


As W Marble, we know that your time is very important for you. And without a doubt, to find the best "Adiyaman Dark Emperador" with the best price is the main subject in your project budget. What is more, there are several selections and quality options for this product. Your time is also quite important as you would like to reach the best source in a short period and get targeted material in expected quality.

As W MARBLE, as your stone solution partner, we are here! Because our study starts from blocks before production. We select the most feasible Adiyaman Emperador block firstly according to your requirement. Then we take it to our partner factory where high production technology is used. We follow the production from the beginning till the end. We do the best packaging and get ready for the loading. During all these transactions, we give you reports. In this way, you always know what is going on with your order. As a final step, we are handling export documentation processes in a highly professional manner.

We would like to inform you that Adiyaman Dark Emperador is one of the products that we have enough experience of supply to many countries. We have considerable done projects and regular clients. Please contact us to get more information.

adiyaman dark emperador stairs
adiyaman dark emperador slab

Adiyaman Emperador


  • Water Absorption0.282%

  • Compressive Strength21.225MPa

  • Density2.59t/m³

Adiyaman Emperador


  • Polished

  • Honed

  • Brushed

  • Raw Block

  • Slab

  • Tile

  • Raw Slab

  • Cut to sizes

  • Unpolished


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