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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

It is an uniform grey marble with soft veins on surfance, quarried in Turkey. Tundra Grey Marble is good for both interior and exterior; flooring applies, countertops, mosaic, wall cladding and many other design. Tundra Grey is one of the most required marble worldwide, especially after grey color marbles become popular. It can be preferred as a decorative stone or main product in the projects due to it is a very homogeneous and soft grey marble.

Tundra Grey comes to you from Turkey, from mountains of the city named Afyon. It is uniform grey color marble with uniform veins on surface. It is quite popular and well-known product that people prefer in their projects.

Tundra Grey is one of the preferred Turkish Marble in stone business. From private villa projects to big hotel or mall projects; you can see it around you in your daily life. We highly suggest you to use Tundra Grey in your projects together with cream color marbles such as Burdur Beige, Ottoman Beige, Turkish Crema Nuova for which you may also get quotation from us.

About Tundra Grey or any other Turkish stone, you can contact with W MARBLE Marketing Team to get free information. You can use chat part our website. You will be answered as fast as possible. You can also write us:

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